The vice president, bitches. (sne_mod2) wrote in sn_exchange,
The vice president, bitches.

For: orin

From: atanih88
Title: Pyretos
Rating: NC-17
Summary: "Sasuke came to stand closer. Naruto watched him, taking in the easy strides and the way Sasuke’s face remained devoid of expression as he took in Naruto’s wounds."
Warnings: Violence, explicit adult situations
A/N: Erm. Hi orin, I hope against all odds, that you enjoy this ^^; Dear beta-person, I apologise for traumatising you ♥
Mod note: Reminder for the author/artist of this submission, please do not reply to comments signed in, if you want to reply anon commenting is enabled.

Tags: rating: nc-17, submission: fic, summer 2010
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